Finally, I feel I am ready to start writing on my blog!

It just feels the right time to begin. I don’t know whether it will take the form as I imagine it to take but I reckon I am done with those trepidations.

  I have thought a number of times about the format of this film blog. There were several ideas but I guess the best thing is to do is to write about movies director-wise. As I am a firm believer in the Auteur-Theory, I guess it was an obvious choice ultimately from my end. I may break this rule sometimes thereby increasing its flexibility. I will try my best to cover works of a filmmaker from his filmography one at a time. I feel that its better that way, because it gives you a better understanding about the style, the point of view as well as the growth or fall of a filmmaker in his craft if one goes through their work one by one. I may not cover all the works of a particular filmmaker but definitely try to cover most of them and specially the  important ones.

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